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The interplay of these three realities in the mind of a seasoned Filipino-American dentist set off the birth of JAGAS International Trading Company.

An accomplished Filipino dentist who explored the tenets of the American dream, Dr. Gabriel C. Obedoza, thought of combining the Filipino’s ingenuity and the American’s penchant for quality and efficiency.

JAGAS is a Medical and Dental Corporation that traces its roots to the southern part of Maryland, U.S.A. The company began its operations on January 18, 1995 focusing initially on the U.S.-Philippine market.

It’s a fresh start and a desire to spread the learning and blessing from a life’s work.

On July 13, 1999, JAGAS expanded its operations in the Philippines in order to offer more than just import and export trading.

Equipment maintenance and make-over services such as remodeling, repainting, re-upholstery, restoration, and replacement of defective parts have been its offering since.

Our success stories in the Philippines and the U.S. are so overwhelming that we feel a need to look farther and, once more just like before, broaden our vision.

It was in 2004 when JAGAS ushered the New Year with the inception of its online presence on the World Wide Web, then, ready to take on another expansive journey.

Company Profile

Excellence is a characteristic that is universally acknowledged. It transcends barriers like location, language, even time. Everyone, everywhere, recognizes a work, service, or equipment of excellence whenever they see one. The realization of this valuable attribute is forever the pursuit of companies and businesses.

We know how hard it is to find high quality dental and medical equipment with an equally top caliber after-sales service in Eastern Asia. This was the challenge that we willingly took head on. We were buoyed by our optimism that we are capable of providing both high quality equipment and after sales customer service.

The founders fused the best of both world’s the innate artistry of Filipinos and the efficient standard of Americans. This fusion served as the foundation for the philosophy of JAGAS MedicaDenta, which eventually placed it in its present state.

East meets west,as the cliche goes, and the result was a tremendous success! Proof of this was the Company’s more than 100 percent growth since its inception (every year without let up).

We, at JAGAS MedicaDenta, however, are not allowing ourselves to be deluded by everything we have accomplished. Instead, we are utilizing our success as a challenge of what could still be achieved in the future. More importantly, our triumphs remind us of our beginnings and allow us to stay true to our roots.

The achievement of the company is a showcase of the harmonious blending of great ideas and practical application. The record shows the tremendous strides that JAGAS has made as it only looks toward one direction: forward!

After almost a decade of existence, JAGAS MedicaDenta Corp. is living up to its global vision. We are now ready to serve clients from around the world.

It is because blessings are meant to be shared, even beyond borders.

Mission & Vision Statement

We believe in our role in the dental and medical profession and our commitment to serve the industry to our utmost abilities.

A major part of that role is the assurance that the lofty standards of the profession would never be compromised.

The company always sets out to outdo itself and never be content with its present status.

We deal only with reputable dental and medical equipment manufacturers to ensure maintenance in providing the highest standard of reliability and safety to our valued customers.

The manufacturers need to be just as committed to excellence as we are to merit our trust and patronage.

Our MISSION is to become a leading dental and medical trader in the Philippines and other countries.

We may serve in terms of competence in providing high quality medical and dental equipment, excellent service, overall growth, and sustainability that can withstand the changes in the industry and developments in our economy.

Our VISION is to ultimately expand our services and products worldwide.

The company relentlessly endeavors to satisfy customers and supply their needs with the capability to meet suitable, reliable, and efficient dental equipment and service.

Import / Export Brand New and Refurbished medical and dental equipment
Manufacturing / reconditioning of imported (U.S. / Japan) dental equipment.

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